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The Great Undeclared Reset

Early 2021

Most countries abandoned the use of cheques as a valid method of payment. This left only cash or bartering as a free-persons option as the process of removing power from people, to the hands of banking giants, continues (along with retail branch closures and reduced hours.) Without cheques, that leaves cash on the coal-face of change. Post note: wIth the later invasion in to Ukraine by Russia in Feb 2022, banks were able to disable Russia’s electronic monetary systems (SWIFT). Scary.

Social media started autonomously banning anti-vax protests and talk from those who would question (but ask yourself, why are they still there, using those social media platforms?

September 2021

Over 260 million website and online services were directly affected by the instantaneous shut down of security services. This shut down disabled their active HTTPS certification and caused mayhem behind the internet screens on a global scale. No one noticed. But masses complained when their favourite social media platform (or even their internet provider) had a related outage. Everyone had become too conscious only of their own limited needs.

Governments and services introduce vaccination passports, cards, ID. Writing is on the wall for those who may protest.

October 2021

The rapid rise of Mandates.

from all corners of the world, the last few Governments trying to stop the pandemic by means of lockdowns, changed focus to immunisation. The greatest weapon against the pandemic, we are told, is to vaccinate. There are so many questions, yet we obeyed, more or less. Trust, we must have.

From business and services near and far, of their own accord, made public their intent to ban non-vaccinated from their premises. Whether staff, or public. Post note: In early March 2022, Government put out a notice for government agencies to hold off standing down staff who were not vaccinated (a sudden change of heart?)

Teachers and health care workers are mandated to get the vaccine or discontinue their employment. Are there not 54,000 public servants in New Zealand?

26 October 2021: MANDATE: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the Government will mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for any worker of a business that requires a vaccine certificate at entry.

Cabinet had decided to place the mandate on businesses who participate in the vaccine certificate scheme. Restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other “close proximity” businesses, such as hairdressers, who choose to operate with greater freedoms will have to comply. If anyone hadn’t noticed, Facebook and other social media, seems to have a blanket whiteout of posts from people talking about these changes. Public facing business that does not endorse the certificate/mandate system, will have reduced options in the new ‘traffic light’ system.

27 October 2021: MANDATE: Government pushes ahead with Three Waters reform, will take water assets from councils.

The Government has decided to push ahead with Three Waters reforms and claim billions in water assets from local councils, despite considerable opposition.

The proposed reform of the country’s three water services – drinking, waste, and storm water – has caused outcry among political opponents and most local councils, which currently have ownership of water assets, have loudly oppose proposed reforms. Government will legislate in early December to create four new water entities that would take on the water assets currently owned by councils.

However, the question of future control and governance of the entities and the water assets remained unclear. Government would establish a working group of local government, iwi and water industry experts.

The National Party has promised to repeal the Government’s water reforms, if the party is elected. The party’s local government spokesman, Christopher Luxon, said the Government would “create needless bureaucracy, strip away local control, and put distance between communities and decision-makers”. “This move is tantamount to state-sanctioned theft of assets that ratepayers have paid for decades to own. “Labour’s four-entity model is fundamentally broken … By forcing the Three Waters plans on councils, Labour would be expressly ignoring every mayor who pleaded for a pause.”

28 October 2021:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Tuesday that vaccines would now be mandatory for staff at any business where vaccine passports were required for customers, such as hospitality, hairdressers and gyms.

It will come into effect once 90 per cent of all district health boards’ eligible populations are fully vaccinated.“I feel uncomfortable about the divisiveness of this. You have big moments around the country about what side you are on. I really empathise for people who are still making that decision.”

The vast majority of the Māori population were not able to access the vaccine until September 1, Roskruge said.

Given the average populations of Māori and Pākehā, 26.1 per cent and 37.45 per cent respectively according to Statistics New Zealand, Māori were disproportionately less able to access early vaccination, Roskruge said.

“We targeted older people, it’s just that older people are disproportionately not Māori.

“Given the slower uptake in vaccinations [by Māori], you’d have to hope the traffic light system is not permanent.”

COVID19 has hit Christchurch today with 2 cases which have been in the community for a few weeks. Nowhere is immune! Up till a week ago, the South Island had around a full year with no infections. Now it has been hit in Blenheim (last week) and Christchurch (today.)

Three waters: Government investigates regulator to protect consumers from new water entities

Commerce Minister David Clark said that while he was seeking feedback on the shape and purpose of any potential regulator he was “leaning towards” giving the task to the Commerce Commission, which currently provides competition regulation to a number of other industries such as telecommunications and electricity lines.

“Basically we want infrastructure that’s efficient, affordable, resilient, those are the kind of cornerstones and in order to do that, you do have to have some kind of regulation in place,” Clark said.A discussion document for the new regulator released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment warned that “the scale of the entities and the absence of competition means there are still significant risks that the entities do not act in the long-term interests of consumers”.Clark said that while a deliberate design feature of the new reforms was to effectively give the new entities “the power to rate” and revenue streams from consumers, their status as natural monopolies – that is, with no effective competition – meant that they would need to be closely watched.

Yesterday Mahuta announced that the Government would be overriding council objections and would legislate to fold council-owned water assets up and down the country into four new massive water service providers.

While Mahuta claimed that councils would continue to own their assets, the crucial question of effective control over the governance of the new entities had been farmed out to a working group, the membership of which is yet to be determined.

“This move is tantamount to state-sanctioned theft of assets that ratepayers have paid for decades to own,” National Party local government spokesman Christopher Luxon said.

But Mahuta said any concern it was a confiscation of assets was misplaced. “They are wrong, that is not happening.”

The precise nature of both council ownership and control in the new system is currently unclear.

24 February 2022

Russia invaded Ukraine – WAR.

After Russian military buildups near Ukraine’s borders in 2021, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. This was the largest invasion since WWII. One step further than Ukraine or if Ukraine manages to be voted in to NATO would step the world into WWIII.

For the first time since World War Two, people are being buried in mass graves in Ukraine cities. NATO will not become fully involved unless Russia invades even an inch of NATO soil.

11 March 2022

Petrol has reached an unprecedented new high with a warning today that there would be an unprecedented petrol rise. Petrol is now reaching $3.30 a litre (06.) Some stations report being out of 91, 95 and diesel (which has risen even with specials, over the lockdown years 2020-2022 from around $1/litre to now $2.49/litre.)

Side-Spin – the human shift

I haven’t had time to write this in depth. But most of you at my age will recognise this shift in human psychi. In the mid 1900’s (1950-1970s especially) everyone was your friend, brother, sister, mother, father. Kids were usually outside, in the neighbourhood somewhere, either helping with the family business/farm/home or down the road. Across the road. Up the street. Across the neighbourhood, being kids. There was no trust issue as those kids were the communities and any one adult was the pseudo-parent. Life was good. We learned to burn crayons in the sun, make pretend guns and go fight on the beaches, possume hunt, fish, swim – naked if we wanted (heck, we had no shame as the fear factor had not set in.) oh, and we were sports mad. Yes, we’d get a hiding if we were naughty but it didn’t hurt in the end. Life was bloody good. We’d do a community get together, share meals, go on holidays like the wild-west in our old Humber 80’s (that’s a car, did you know?) Or old Ford Cortina. Or our bicycles, or even on foot. Life was healthy. We were ignorant.

In the early 2000’s (2000-2010) with the rise of social media, people learned that everyone was your brother, friend, father, mother, sister, aunt, unless they were hung by the jury of social media. You know what that’s about so no repeat here. But there were still fantastic groups out there. Churches, communities, societies, clubs were busy being a collective. During this period Everyone was us unless socially hung.

During 2010-2018 Online social media was in rampant growth. Online groups were forming and making a name for themselves. The online collective grew. But now, everyone was disappearing from our streets. Except going to or from activities, work, school (under guard almost) services or shopping. Kids stopped playing outside. Parents withdrew inside. Our communities rapidly shrunk and the people hardly noticed. And rapidly, the psychi shifted to ‘if it doesn’t effect us, we don’t care.’ and ‘if it affects us, we want everyone to care.’ We had in essence become introverted. By the end of this period even online groups were dissolving. Online social groups had a brief window of opportunity and like so many real community groups, disappeared. Huge social media took over and the masses dispersed.

Enter the 2020’s. There are so many concerns. The people are swept into a sea of colliding issues. We have entered a period where people only trust their own voice. And everyone is dispersed into their own purposes. Yelling at each other the moment the person next to you (including and especially online) dares to have a different opinion. The single exception is that immediate family bonds stand tall. But that’s all. People no longer talk to each other. You’ve put up faberge walls and each think yourself directly harmed and at the same time the only sane one. The sheer rise of overriding voices coming from the smallest groups, even individuals. Passivity from the majority is in stark contrast. Back to the history writing…