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Vaccine or Not

No scribe predicted our fight today would be one of freedom in the face of vaccines and mandates. We needed to be forewarned, forearmed and ready for this divide of minds which has set family against family, friend against friend. Government mandates versus freewill of the people. Science versus conspiracy. I’ve tried to find the Zen in all of this and it is there. And there are answers. But to get to the answer you have to remove bias. That is unconscious – conscious – intelligence – intuitive – preconceptual – everything bias. And along the way you need to set some rules so that you get to the answer: Vaccine or Not?!

So this is a journey of one mind who is prepared to look at the fence itself. The ZEN point. Braced and ready to be amazed at answers not preconceived or based on any prejudice. If you use some of this, please use my name and this honourable website,, in your acknowledgements or source info. The same as I will with this writing.