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This article has paused due to non-support. It was and can still evolve as the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle evolves. This is a living document and will update with events. WIthout news on the ground we are only able to glean third party data to contribute. Information should be based on real events around the world, in a New Zealand context. If that’s not available, if there is no contributor, we are stalled on this topic.

Weather events (cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes) marine flooding, large scale earthquakes and tsunamis, extreme wind, heat, freeze, hail, snow and electrical storms. Our Earth is in climate change mode and anything can, anything will, happen. And that’s not counting human conflict.

Countdown to Zero

NEMA, Civil Defence, News, Government. Authorities have put a warning out about a potentially dangerous event (e.g. cyclone.)

Details to follow. Please contribute


Details to follow. Please contribute

T+60 (one hour after)

Details to follow. Please contribute

The first night

Details to follow. Please contribute

The day after

Details to follow. Please contribute

On the Second Day

Details to follow. Please contribute

Week one

There will be days of silence, possibly a few weeks when trying to get hold of whānau/family, friends, loved ones is nothing but one big emotional silent echo. Areas cut off, devastated, off net, no road or path available for safe travel. Emergency and roading authorities will limit, even deny access until safe to do so. And even then with limits.

Humanity will count it’s lost lives from the first few hours on, growing in numbers as the days pass. And bewilder themseves at the devasation around them. Pictures will start emerging with so many, no one person could possibly take them all in.

There will quickly grow groups of people large and small in number working to connect and help those affected. Untold heros dot the landscape out of need to help. There will be flighters, and fighters. Those who run from disaster (and this is the right thing to do if safe to do so, to protect whānau) and those who fight, or return to fight (also to protect whānau.)

Government and other agencies will be working to reconnect communications (but expect silence from some in the early hours perhaps days as they remould their services to fit the condition.)

Damaged homes. Damaged lives (people and pets, livestock, flora and fauna all affected.) The reality of your situation will start to set in by day two as shock gives way to reality.

Even a week later, communication will be difficult. In a major disaster, thousands can be cut off from society. And the emergency services could be days, weeks of getting to the further reaches.

Top worry: Inability to communicate with officials, whānau and friends. Not just those affected but those trying to help. Erratic and often non-existent communication. Information which can not verified so easily.

Week two

Yes, it continues.

Communication will still be eratic, non-existent in many areas. The full story is still unfolding. Thousands may still be uncontactable. Police and National Emergency Management services, agencies, volunteers, Civil Defence, will still be out, trying to get to everyone affected.

Online registration systems to advise safety will be in full swing. Register yourself on every online system you can find.

Week Three

Details to follow. Please contribute

Week Four

Details to follow. Please contribute

The Second Month

Details to follow. Please contribute

General discussion

If this sounds like theory, just study the 2023 New Zealand Cyclone, or the Turkey/Syria earthquake that occurred near the same time. This is real.

How do you know which system family or friend will first visit for news? With the 2023 Cyclone in New Zealand, by the end of week one, less than 1000 had registered. We need to do better.

Ignorant looters and reckless minds will be out taking advantage. Take sensible precaution to protect your home, business and family. Be aware of strangers during these times. Identify and be grateful for help. Identity and be resilient in the face of lawlessness. You are allowed to protect yourself. Have a plan.

What to do

Please contribute to all areas of this discussion.

As with all things in life: You must first take care to survive. Then take care of those around you. Then consider the wider picture. This is the way.

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