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2 March 2023 at 7:16 pm #310

The whole country is in recover mode. So what does government do?

Reserve bank :- Massive rates increase.
Councils: – Massive rates increase.
Inland Revenue Minister :- Pushing ahead with radical tax changes.

We’re insanely going into a recession. Stop the bus. Reverse the reserve bank hikes. Legislate to mitigate council rates. Remove peripheral ‘taxes’ such as water rates, additional levvy taxes, GST on FOOD and basic commodities. Stop income tax and provisional taxes on the first $20k of income.

Give the people of Aotearoa a chance to recover and rebuild.

What’s your bullet points answers? I’ve know mine. We need to get cash into everyday kiwi’s without the gluttony as always from corporates. Hard hand on corporate bleeding and solid help to every Kiwi.