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5 March 2023 at 7:55 pm #324


This is an impressive app. If everyone had it installed, you’d not need the internet, ever, to communicate. Have a read:

How does Bridgefy app work?
Bridgefy uses Bluetooth to send messages from your phone to your friends’, over a distance of 100 mts. / 330 ft. (a whole football field!). If you need to text someone that is more than 100 mts. / 330 ft. away, your message hops on other Bridgefy users’ phones until it reaches its destination!

In a disaster or a large event, this is an impressive option> But to truly daisy-chain comms around the country means you need users within every 100 metres. As with Signal, Bridgefy brings yet another great idea. Perhaps they should mind-meld together.