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Tech Update
12 May 2023

Please use REGISTRATION to join the website. At the moment, the Facebook connect is being reprogrammed by Facebook. We have to re-register with them to complete that which will be done in due course. For now… REGISTRATION is your go to.

Once facebook Connect is running, you can also log in via that option. Please note however, it sets up a seperate user. This is good for some reasons (for those who know how forums run) and allows you to use a different log in for alternative purposes.

We are putting aside funds ($US 250 approx) for an upgrade to the website theme. The ultimate is to have a fully versatile theme that runs what ‘we the members’ want, when we want it, how we want it. As far as possible. And to be fully blog, forum, services, cell, tablet, notebook, desktop intuitive and friendly. We have done extensive research and monitored progress on the hundreds of ‘themes’ out there and have a significant winner. There is an annual option, but the option at USD $250 is lifetime-forever (as far as forever means technically.) Our current funds for this are $0 lols. So a little way to go.

Programming with the new theme will be extensive (likely 100+ hours) as we work through and document every update. However, incredibly, we expect little, if any, site downtime, rather a small amount of temporary slow-down as utilities are heavily updated. The change ot the new theme will be programmed at a set time and occur instantly. We will full test each change before you see it live. That means, continuity will be preserved. We don’t expect to be proceeding with that for a month due to other outlays that must be first met. Funds need to be put aside for these upgrades. But we are self-funding. No ask made to public.

Our focus and attention changes as people join. Today we welcomed back one of our founding Senior Moderators (and editors) Karen (Cavylady.) Karen reports that the REGISTRATION works and as known, the FB Connect technically sucks right now. Confirmed.