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18 June 2023 at 4:28 pm #396

Before going into policy, or other factors that could help (if anyone listened heh!) Every landlord, every family home owner, every tenant and those who are even homeless, knows these costs seem to rise irrespective of a recession or depression:-

1. Interest rates.
2. Council rates.
3. Insurance rates.
4. Other rates and services …

The above in service models represent utility and warranty providers. We know what they are. But do they know that the consumer of those utilities and warranties budgetary constraints, mostly through other service providers (e.g. employers, government) are not matching equitably to the increased cost of those services?

The following expenses have all been advised by providers as on the increase:-

Council rates. (8-15% depending on the area)
Insurance rates (20-30%)
Telephone.Internet (5%)
Streaming services (5%)
Accounting subscription (5%)

Let alone:-

Government RUC (Road User Charges) and fuel subsidy about to drop
+ 25c/litre on fuel.
+ full rates on Road user charges
Cost of food increases acknowledged (12%)

So you can also expect increase in postage, courier, freight, food, rental costs, suppliers (medical/doctor etc.) Because they will not be able to justify the increased overheads.

Utility and warranty providers are ahead of the game and instroducing revalued charges to ensure their own survival.