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2 July 2023 at 12:28 pm #402

1 July 2023.
– Local council rates increase 9.9%
– Greater regional rates increase 16+%
– NZ Post rates increases for our post and courier
– Insurance on homes, contents increase 20-30% on renewals.
– Road user charge discount removed
– Government tax 29c/litre on fuel reintroduced
– bus and train 50% subsidy removed.
– Local monthly council parking went up from $64/mo to an unexpected $100/mo
– Groceries continue to increase +12% YTD
– Banks limiting cash withdrawels.
– Mortgage rates increases on renewals (3+%)
– Reserve bank rate significant increases to over 5%

Please add your own to the above list. Any and all gains in wages, benefits, supplements are gone and then a whole lotmore. The domino effect is here. And those utilities/services above noted, knew the state of play before we did.