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9 January 2024 at 12:44 pm #985

Do you have fingers and toes? Normal regardless of size. Is this not so (with rare exception… which we hereafter with abbreviate to WRE eh.) Do you have eye(s) Normal WRE. Hair of some type? Normal WRE. A face? Kneck, shoulder, belly button, leg(s)? Normal WRE. Get the idea?

So what would be an exception to the above… a genetic/birth defect/medical/accident related issue. Like being born with one additional toe. Or no toes. These are understandable diversions from normal. It doesn’t matter, does it, how long or short, fat or skinny your fingers are. Whether the length is adequate for a specific activity might be. But unless you are a keyboard enthusiast this is not a concern (unless you really can’t reach that octave on the keys.)