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    5 March 2023 at 7:43 pm #322

    When the internet fails, which it can and will in any kind of disaster, you will need a backup plan of how you are going to communicate. In this topic, we look at how you can keep in contact. There are several options available. First, technology (internet-less apps; Satellite Phones…) , then older tech (Ham Radio; CB Radios; Walkie-Talkies…), then manual hands on (Morse Code; Tap Code…) . And the list grows. But for survival purposes, we have no limit on what can be discussed here until the right answers appear… which seems it will take some research..

    Lets go… please add to this discussion.

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    Signal is (Was) a great app. It has ‘disappearing messages’ option (so your encrypted messages self delete with no trace) and massive security. If planning a rebellion, protest, movement, this is a great option. In February 2023 they dropped SMS coverage. Now it’s a no go until when/if it is restored. But the app’s features are massive. For now, give it a miss. But watch for a future Signal use. It will outrank your MSM/SMS/WWhastapp/Whodingthing…

    Signal allows you to communicate without internet or local network in a range of upto 100 meters. How do you communicate when there is no internet?

    Signal Offline: Messaging could be one-on-one or in a group. Signal allows you to send audio, text, photo and video messages to users around you over WiFi direct. On start-up, the Signal app sends a signal to discover nearby devices.

    Alexander Lee (ROARSHA)
    21 February 2023
    This app is great for having private, end-to-end encrypted conversations with people who also have signal. It’s easy as hell to set up for the first time, and I love how everything about it is privacy focused, from the messages and calls to the disappearing messages feature you can set, so that after a message has been read by the recipient, it will delete itself after a specified time. That’s pretty dope. I love signal. And it’s onboarding process is simple as can be. It should be used more

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    This is an impressive app. If everyone had it installed, you’d not need the internet, ever, to communicate. Have a read:

    How does Bridgefy app work?
    Bridgefy uses Bluetooth to send messages from your phone to your friends’, over a distance of 100 mts. / 330 ft. (a whole football field!). If you need to text someone that is more than 100 mts. / 330 ft. away, your message hops on other Bridgefy users’ phones until it reaches its destination!

    In a disaster or a large event, this is an impressive option> But to truly daisy-chain comms around the country means you need users within every 100 metres. As with Signal, Bridgefy brings yet another great idea. Perhaps they should mind-meld together.