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Spirit of NZ Archive Project – Unlocking

Dive into the innovative Freedom Cave project, a transformative endeavor aimed at converting a humble home garage into a fortified sanctuary for various noble endeavors. Discover the myriad of purposes this project serves, from preserving spiritual treasures in a meticulously curated archive to hosting enriching online sessions promoting healing, well-being, and lifelong learning. Join us as we explore the boundless possibilities and opportunities this venture offers for personal growth, community engagement, and technological innovation.

Free Registration

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Free registration: When online registration is temporarily disabled simply email admin @ or text Kevin 0274 501 899 with your preferred username and temporary password, (which you can change once online.) Our holistic purpose is ‘greatest good for The People’ (Tino pai ki te iwi) Here and in the hereafter. We have chillaxed rules […]

Cellphone friendly shortcuts

When using a cellphone, we realised that unless you know what a ‘burger’ is (the three lines which links to activities) you are going to miss noticing areas. Here’s a growing list for your easy access: Register Forums Activities and messaging Member list Subscribe / Donate to causes Log in or out A growing list […]

Vigorous subtropical jet stream alert

This particular one is mixed with a subtropical and polar jet stream. Metrologists explained that two different jet streams are going to meet up in the Tasman Sea later in the week and “fuel the development of a pretty strong low pressure system”, bringing over the bad weather. “What’s going to happen is this jet […]

People over profits protest

People over Profits rally – Saturday 8 June Wellington, New Zealand The nationwide rallies today against the Budget will be the precursor of a lot more actions in the upcoming months opposing this Government’s divisive agenda. One event coming up is in Wellington on Saturday 8 June. The PSA is supporting a People Before Profits […]

Looking for reliable web hosting with ge...

We don’t advertise as much as we should about the good things Kiwi’s do. But this deserves attention. If you are looking around to get your website or email services hosted by a bloody good group of people who have significant genius level addons… try these people. They are our backup now when our […]