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Support Member Activities

A great way for you to directly support each other’s hobbies, interests and groups. Truly Pay it forward!

Otaki Free Food Pantry
Managed by Senior Members Karen and David.
Food and cash donations to help feed the needy welcomed.
Please message them direct to offer support.

Please consider Givealittle Donations for this cause.
Can accept anonymous/guest donations? Yes.

Current New Zealand Events

Variety New Zealand – Feed the children

Right now, Kiwi kids are going hungry. Poverty isn’t fair, but it’s a reality for thousands of kids in New Zealand. They need food this Christmas. Will you help?

Current World Events

Unicef – Children of Gaza

To support world events, crisis, building a new caring community here, supporting your events. Every support link, donation for crisis request is carefully vetted to ensure legitimacy. Be a carer and support good endeavours here and around the world.

This has to be one of the most critical donation needs in the world right now. The toll on our Israeli and Palestine friends is huge. The continual effort to drive out Hamas in Gaza following the incursion is costing a massive humanitarian mess in Gaza right now. The whole of Israel and Palestine is in war mode. Let’s pray for peace in our lifetime for all the people of the middle east. Options: Monthly, just once. You choose the amount.

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