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23 February 2024 at 10:28 am #1104

Trademe trapped

All over the web you will see people mention this popular website as a go to in New Zealand to sell unwanted items and even make money selling handcrafts, new import products or as an adjunct to your own self employment. In certain areas this no doubt works well. I’ve been selling on Trademe for years. Or so I thought. When I ran an annual profit and loss (cashflow report) on my sales and direct costs, my belief I was ‘selling’ and making additional income to support family, was shot entirely to dust. The worst aspect of this is that I am money smart when it comes to business. But this was an oversight I’ll not easily forget.

If you are looking to sites like Trademe, read my story and ***do better than me for your own sake *** Its on the main website titled “TRADEME – BUT NOT (FULLY) FOR ME”