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Vigorous subtropical jet stream alert

This particular one is mixed with a subtropical and polar jet stream. Metrologists explained that two different jet streams are going to meet up in the Tasman Sea later in the week and “fuel the development of a pretty strong low pressure system”, bringing over the bad weather. “What’s going to happen is this jet […]

New Zealand in long recovery mode. It’s

25 Feb 2023 Fifty seven thousand people are in need of support. More than $28 million has already been made to 57,000 people following cyclone Gabrielle. That doesn’t count other events, tropical storms and earthquake relief. Over 3,100 people in evacuation centres, 10,000 displaced from homes. The prime minister noted 800 homes evacuated in Auckland […]

Relief Services

Auckland TAS – Temporary Accommodation Service (managed by MBIE) If your household has been affected by the severe weather events in Auckland, TAS may be able to help with accommodation. Register at Auckland Severe Weather 2023. You only need to register once per household and the matching and placement team will give you a call to […]