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27 February 2024 at 10:27 pm #1147

My name is Kevin. AKA Spooks. AKA you tell me.

I had once thought the historical definition of my first name was a fair call to my character. And it is certainly the intent over life’s diverse journey. But you know what modern life is – entirely not what you think. How we see people is like the elephant in the room analogy. Where you may just see a trunk. Or a leg. Or there’s a big eye staring. But you can’t tell it’s actually way more than you see, think, feel. That is me. That is you. That is humanity. Actually, I try to keep incredibly calm and as stress free as possible no matter how rough life becomes. It annoys some people, partner included, when I just remain calm. But you know what? there is fight, there is flight and there is acceptance.

It is time to get on with relaying to you on this forum a spiritual and human journey. I’ve plastered so many other topics. Albeit most come along and read, who actually replies? Shall we leave everything else to the main website articles then?

It’s entirely contrary to the purpose this forum exists to sit in silent observation of a world that wants to rest itself in a sea of silence. It would be nice to communicate rather than a one way monologue. Actually, it’s pretty infantile to come along, read, chuckle (or whatever) and move on. Or is that what we have become? Mute-ants? (lols, I am hoping someone takes offence and starts posting. Perhaps I am getting desperate for someone elses voice.)

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