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29 February 2024 at 1:28 pm #1150

Wellbeing Podcast Update

The replacement mainboard does not boot. Indicating the actual modular power supply (PSU) is faulting. Even though the PSU  independently tests 100% with the testing tool, all voltages reading correctly within parameters, the moment it is plugged into the 24v board connector, and the 2x4pin CPU power connectors are also connected, it either doesn’t boot, it will only boot the new processor fan intermittently. Both new MB/CPU/RAM kits can not be faulty surely.

This does not stop recording. It stops us editing and storing podcasts on what we hope will be a dedicated system. So we’ll carry on in the meantime whilst we wait a week or two for a replacement PSU to arrive and a second fan. After all, with two kits failing via the same PSU, a new PSU and kit working could mean we end up with two systems.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No coincidence?!

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