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3 March 2024 at 3:14 pm #1153

The term ‘non starter’ applies to people on a purely spiritual quest. The concept being, to loose all prejudices to what the mind perceived to be the original cause of the timeline of events you are on. If you do not have a starting element, you can not be prejudiced in the paths that follow, caused by the inherent prejudice of  an original concept.

Some people seem to go through a large portion of their human live(s) before they accept this concept and are free from any mental handcuffs embellishing in a not to favourable way, conditions on their journey. Remember the saying, ‘as above – so below’ if there is no beginning above, at least any such beginning that you have witnessed in the current life, you can see that there is favour on your journey from adopting this here below. You almost certainly do not have access to any record of past lives to know where such true beginning occured.

For those who have learned, or naturally able to access their akashic record, you are blessed in this regards.

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