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10 March 2024 at 9:13 am #1172

Podcast Topic Requests

There’s a host of reasons for creating podcasts. It creates a more lasting record. I remember my fathers mother who learned to play the Hawaaian guitar. Once upon an ancient time in modern history there was the creation of record production booths. This system would etch a vinyl record for you. She created one. It’s the only recording of her. The whereabouts of the record is a mystery right now but it is here somewhere. I also have the Hawaaian Guitar. However, the reason for mentioning this is to show example of the value of podcasting (recording.) It creates a record. If only one would remember not to misplace it.

What could be podcasted?

  1. It can be audio
  2. it can be video as well.
  3. recite stories, books, writings, lessons, guides, instructions, how to’s, memoirs… no limit to a wide ranging audience, for historical purposes.
  4. provide instruction on a topic.
  5. teach informally or formally with or without a regular programme.
  6. you could use it like a live talkback or a live group activity using teams, zoom, or some other service.
  7. orate your words of wisdom.
  8. provide spiritual services, readings, healing activities
  9. replicate historical recordings (e.g. on private audio tapes) to a podcast presentation
  10. cover live events or across the world & space interaction

It creates an environment where original recordings are generated. There’s so much replicated ‘everything’ on social media that people often seem to give up on originality. We’ve gone through years of being narrowly focused without realising into ever small social circles, thinking social media and the likes brings us to the world. It does. And it does not. Think about it.

If you have ideas, now is a great time.