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10 March 2024 at 9:44 am #1178

The Wainuiomata Church Project

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  5. Rare  – original NZ Spiritualist Songster

1. I am the remaining active committee member for the Wainuiomata Spiritualist Church. The archivist if you like of a once busy, community centric group who met every Sunday night 7-8 PM for a ‘service.’ The books, records, hall equipment and bank
accounts remain in my care. To keep the bank account alive, over the years I have put ocassional voluntary donations in. From speaking with the bank, should I stop doing so for not less than ten years, it will then go to governments perpetual fund. That would be a disgrace and so something needs to be done. Half the funds in there right now are funds I’ve put in to keep the account alive. So I stopped adding funds around 3 years ago. Do I add more? Probably not a good idea.

For the purpose of protecting the funds and use for a related activity we are looking at a group of four past members who along with myself (for legal purposes) will complete the safe revestment of funds to an appropriate activity. I am hopeful this will in the interim be safely stored in the trust account here and then used for an appropriate purpose. But that is for discussion.