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10 March 2024 at 10:14 am #1181

4. Original New Zealand Spiritualist Songster

Also in the collection I have an original  New Zealand Spiritualist Songster with the keyboard score and verses. Thoughts of small home circle groups come hauntingly to mind. Early settlers arranged in a candle lit room singing a long-lost song.

This is from the very beginnings of the Spiritualist movement in New Zealand. Being able to compose and play music and in line of Podcasting, it could be we compose each song on an audio composition programme such as MuseScore. This would re-enliven the music long lost to the world. But to recreate the vibrancy of a hall full of people singing with accompianment is another step yet again. Also, I would be keen to also look at further related compositions which would otherwise never be created. This is a personal project unless there are other muso’s out there that wish to volunteer support.

Other gems will no doubt uncover over time. Thoughts as always, welcome.

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