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10 March 2024 at 11:59 am #1184

Little Freddy sits down in front of Kevin and asks, “how do I rejuvinate my long lost interest in a life journey? I have lost my way.

Kevin thinks on this and answers thus:

How to get a Lawnmower with a congested carburetor working

When your lawnmower has been sitting for a LOOONG time, and you go to start it. It goes for a second or two then dies to a stop.

[1] Disconnect the fuel line into a container (so you can reuse the fuel.) Does it continuously flow? If so, you don’t have an air block or fuel block. Lawnmowers need to ‘breath’ just like we do in order to have a purpose otherwise, you know, lost sheep.

[2] Reconnect the fuel line. Drain all the fuel into said container

[3] Put about 1 litre or a quart or so of appropriate fresh fuel in the fuel line. If you have to, syphon some from your partners car. After all, if you’re working on this, why shouldn’t you borrow.

[4] Go and get a Carrburhetor cleaner fluid from your nearby hardware store. Buy the cheapest available as they all have basically the same purpose just in different price brackets. Save your pennies. Don’t overstretch yourself here. $10.99 will work the same as $29.99. You don’t need to buy a gold plated bhuddha level cleanser.

[5] Put the 1 Litre of fuel in and add 30 ML only of the cleaner.

[6] If you have one, push the injector 10x.

[7] Pull the choke lead a few times.

[8]Push the inector 10x more

[9] Pull the choke lead a few times.

[10] Push the injector 10x more.

[11] Pull the chose lead a few times. As soon as the engine stops, pull the choke lead… pull the choke lead… pull the choke lead. You’re trying to get the cleaning fluid thoroughly EVERYWHERE it needs to go.

[12] Now leave it 1/2 an hour or so.

[13] Repeat 6-12 again.

[14] Repeat 13 again.

[15] Now, if it still will not go, leave it overnight. Seriously, overnight. Let it simmer in the cleaning fluid.

[16] Next morning/day repeat 6-12 again. It has a 50% more chance of starting after sitting all that time.

[17] If it starts, it may stop a few minutes later. Again, add another 30ML of the fluid and repeat 6-12 again.

Eventually, the lawnmower is going to stay running. Do the lawns without switching it off. Keep it running for at least 15 or more minutes. Now, every week restart it regardless of whether or not you need to do the lawns.

Within the month buy some long-life fuel restorer which is usually sold next to the clearner injection fluid. Add the recommended dose of this at that time and every recommended interval thereafter. To keep the engine workable, requires work just like retaining our life vision. Our spiritual quest. Its related. As above so below and sideways for that matter.

Little wonder so many sulky lost lawnmowers become exhausted and forget their way.

for more real life down to earth practical illustrations, we hope you enjoy our long term planned podcasts 😀


Freedy goes away confused. That Kevin’s ferkked in the head 😀