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11 March 2024 at 10:44 am #1185

Cost of living tip

Supermarkets. Your #1 consumable (for most families.) In terms of variable spend, shopping is often #1.

Supermarkets. You are probably going in to a supermarket with the wrong mindset. Why is that? Because you are most probably going into the supermarket with the mindset they have targeted. Change the target.

The only reason why lamb is $79.99 a kilo is because there are suckers that will pay that for it. What a rip is right when Lamb comes from right here in New Zealand. Same for Australia.

For everything you buy, don’t think ‘I NEED’, think ‘what is the limit I’m prepared to pay? For me, the limit on Lamb would be about $25/Kg. So that’s lamb off the menu. Milk is under $2.50 per litre. Coffee is $7 a bag. Biscuits $3/pack. Chippies $2. Get the idea? IF you go with THIS mindset, you will be telling the supermarket price gouging barons who claim innocence NO. a Big Fucking No.

Oh, and you’ll have a lot less shopping. Oops. If you look around, there are alternatives.

Pros: Cheaper Shopping mindset will save money.

Cons: You will need to shop around.

Note: Swear word included to incite a rebellion.