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25 March 2024 at 10:48 am #1197

Israel Podcast PArt A

Kia ora Aotearoa. This is a special podcast document to cover the current disasters occuring in Palestine, Gaza, Israel and the middle east. My name is Kevin, ko Kevin aho, ko Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt aho. And I am your host for this special podcast.

I need to tell you up front that I am also connecting divinely and if the moment has come to let the divine, esoteric, outer self or divine speakers through, they will do so. But I have a caveat. That is, what comes through may start as gibberish or non-topical. As we delve further into meditative reflection, I may utter swear words, relay dreams, talk about fantasies, kife issues, go through several leveals of humanity, touch on animalistic senses, urgings, desires, interests, brain clearing fodder. Soemtimes startline, sometimes a duh bro! What did you just say moment!? Nothing I say in those moments is guaranteed as fact nor is anything whatsoever an ommission. No matter how compelling or even if like a confession. It’s pur brain release.

Then there would be a pause. Then the beginnings of a connection. You will recognise this.

As each session occurs, I expect this to be a shortened transition from relaxing the mind, letting go, to communicating.

Back to the report.

We draw attention to the ongoing action by Israel in the middle east to remove Hamas from control in Gaza and maintain governnance of the West Bank and Jeruselam.

There are reasons why Israel is considered the occupying force in these lands. They do not own the land but they govern it with military and legislative self empowerment. At the same time there is colonialist settlements taking over major areas of land. And they legislate for the approval of those settlements as if part of Israel without one ounce of international right to do so. On the supposed claim that Palestine is not a true state, that the PLO, Palestinian Liberation Organisation have not agreed to ownership terms, the area is ripe for settling. As far as the Israel Defence Force (IDF) support for such activity, Palestinians who are not arab-isrealites, have little legal basis for complaint. And their lands can be taken from them no matter how long inhabited. They are second class. They have no right. It is according to all the above, not theirs to complain about. By the grace of Israel, they exist.

If you think that ok, do you think this ok: In Gaza where the IDF, Israel Defence Force, have destroyed all the infrastructure and killed over 30,000 palestinians, regardless of the mix of groups such as children, parents, or militia, you then see Israel Settlers blocking food aid to the famined millions and you see settlers breaching into Gaza claiming settlement rights. Appaling. Dishonest. Disingenious and absolutely unlawful. How come they can enter Gaza and make such bold claim against the plight of the Palestinian genocide going on. Something wickedly vile is going on here.

Israel call it a war ‘against Hamas. ‘The rhetoric is to dismantle Hamas from ever getting in power. The consequence is tens of thousands of dead civilians in Gaza and the several fold more injured or uncounted for under the rubble. Most are civilians, over half are children and women.

Before being accused of anti-semetisim, I want to clearly state, I am no such thing. From primary school through university and working life, I have had jewish friends along with associates of many races. A bit like the united nations of friends. If they lined up, you’d say, yep sure, there’s no racial prejudice here. If there was a major incident and I had to choose which to save, which to give up on, I’d look only at what could immediately be saved and work my way round. There is no way in hell I’d step over someone that could be saved, to save someone else. My blood is red. Isn’t yours? In addition, the people of Israel are not the only jewish people in the world, far from it. They are a concentrated minority. But they are right now ike a lion on heat – plucked up in courage and very vocal. So very sure are we.

Schools, All the universities, all but parts of a few hospitals, most businesses and homes are destroyed purposefully and also by dumb bombs. Includes ambulances, reporters, doctors, nurses, teachers, leaders, civilian police, any resemblance of governance, refuge centres and camps, food aid organisations… the list goes on. There is nowhere safe in Gaza and the West Bank is heading the same way.

So called incursions to route out Hamas has resulted in the devastation of key infrastructure and the growth of widespread famine. The sheer loss of civilian life, under the guise of ‘war’ is an abhhorent genocide that is being allowed to continue. Regardless of the timing, regardless of pressure, ongoing. Even the International Court of Justice said that Genocide is plausible and set out specific activities to mitigate this issue.

Israels actions says to the entire rest of the word, fuck you!

Who’s listening in Israel? Let me ask you some thoughtful questions:-

We don’t hate Israel of Jewish people. Right?
We don’t hate Palestines or any other race. Right?
We would rather there was no such thing as war. That we are all ‘one humanity.’

But war is in the middle east. War is in Somaila. War is in Haiti, War is in Ukraine and Russia. Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt. The so called Age of Aquarius is not forming right due to the natural right of the human psychi to both accept predetermination and self determination. That is the makeup to which we exist. A duality. The path to the age of Aquarius should have some purgatory as processes and natural laws realign. But what has happened is that the old school, the musty 19th century colonial and tribal divisiveness has somehow. somehow permeated through. All you pot smoking 1960’s hippes need to rejig your minds here.

But I digress and I am wrong. I let momentary emotions step in here. We are in a purgatory. We have been certainly since the inception of Covid019. Since the alarming matter of climate change is proven to be in acceleration beyond forecasts. Since technical recessions hit time and time again like ocean waves.

Back to the middle east report.

This is not simply plausable genocide, it is in fact, genocide. The last major city on the border of Egypt, Rafah, which is currently housing some 2 million homeless Gazan’s, is facing the activities of an indifferent Israel Defence Force who time and time again has proven itself to be genocidial butchers. There’s is simply too much direct evidence available on social media and websites showing the brutal history this so called war has unleashed.

Israel is also taking the opportunity to allow settlers unhindered access to carve roads and cement settlements in Gaza and the West Bank at the total displacement of palestinian civilians who have been there for decades or potentially, centuries. They do not care and provanly allow this to continue regardless of whether their nearest supporter, America, embargo’s the illegal settlers. They don’t care.

Have a hard, long look at the news coming from Israel. Long and hard. Now have a look at the news coming from Palestine. Long and hard. Look again. Now look at the news coming from their closest alies, America. Again, long and hard. Now listen to five excerpts from random speakers on the Palestine – Israel conflict. Now listen to five random speakers from the IDF, Israel Defence Force (twitter/X, Youtube whatever.) Now search Israel Settler Movement, Israel Zionism. Done that? Good.

Now you know how chaotic it is, how do you actually tell who is in the right here.

Definately not the IDF! Are you sure about that?
Definately not the Hamas. Are you sure about that?
Definately not the jewish setllers. Are you sure about that?
Definately not the Israel or American government. Are you sure about that?

It seems likely Israel is lterally taking the piss out of everyone but Israel. Seems like it. But lets not be too quick to call them a bunch of evil, vile zionists who actually have nothing to do with Semetism and everything to do with blind genocide.

If you hate me for saying these things. Good> Here’s a mirror. Have a look at your own face when you think of such things.

I’m on the side of enlightenment. On the side of justice. The Justice Card is oblivious to emotion. Oblivious to rhetoric. It reads exactly what is and is not. It’s mighty sword cuts through any diversion from the pure and simple reality of it all. It may be seen as a purgatory. It may be seen as cruel. But the Justice Card is the one card you need right now if you are at all esoteric. Look without the rose-coloured lenses this human world wants us to see through.

{queue esoteric introduction, tune in time}

{Going into Meditative communication – cleansing moment}

{Esoteric divined speach }

{medditative track to exit deep divinity}

And we’re back. Short break then an explanation of what just happened. Be back in a few.

{Break music}

I had no idea what was going to be said. When it comes to delving into the esoteric levels, all kinds of messages stream through. Some of it entirely divergent, it seems, from the topic of the moment.