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2 April 2024 at 10:15 am #1208

Statistics on ISrael ‘war’ on Palestine at 28 MArch 2024

This information is reproduced from leading news agencies around the world, primarily AlJazeera, to preserve history.

The AlJazeera live t4racker on the situation in Gaza and the West Bank is here:

latest casualty figures as of April 1 at 4:20pm in Gaza (2:20 GMT):

Killed: at least 32,845 people, including more than:
More than 13,000 children
8,400 women
Injured: more than 75,392 people, including at least:
8,663 children
6,327 women
Missing: more than 8,000
The latest figures from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the occupied West Bank are as follows:

Occupied West Bank
Killed: at least 456 people, including more than:
117 children
Injured: more than 4,750
In Israel, officials revised the death toll from the October 7 attacks down from 1,405 to 1,139.

Killed: 1,139 people
Injured: at least 8,730

Devastation across Gaza
According to the latest data from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the World Health Organization and the Palestinian government as of March 28, Israeli attacks have damaged:

More than half of Gaza’s homes – 360,000 residential units – have been destroyed or damaged
396 educational facilities
10 out of 35 hospitals are partially functioning
83% of groundwater wells not operational
267 places of worship
Every hour in Gaza:
15 people are killed – six are children
35 people are injured
42 bombs are dropped*
12 buildings are destroyed
*Based on the first six days of the war, according to the Israeli army

Gaza Every Hour