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24 May 2024 at 1:58 pm #1222

But we we are missing are voices in this winderness. Your voices. And we need to fix that. Our podcast intent is dependent now on getting on with our office makeover (aka Garage conversion) which is pure tradie hard work. Even the walls were dripping with condensation being thin aluminium sheeting. The floor bearers holding the wooden frame are rotted in places requiring fix up. The concrete floor covered in wet muddy clay mix and requires cleaning. And the wall boards (not even gib, it was wooden fibre boards which don’t like being reoved) were nailed in instead of screwed, meaning even getting to behind them means wrecking the internal walls annnddd… they will need replacing as they are only able to be removed in pieces. . And there is so much being moved around to get to floor areas… cringe… big job getting it all together in the end. But we have plans and goals. NEver loose site of your goals! Good one world.