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12 June 2024 at 11:29 am #1254

Trying to earn online? There are legit ways and scams.

If you are keen to try an online or mobile phone game app to make money (this is usually done by in game advertising etc) then beware that if it sounds too good… it is most certainly a scam. We ran a list here which I have just deleted (as we are not a gaming site) but before you waste time, energy and get frustrated in many circles… do a search in a browser… such as:

is “Find the Word” by White Stones a scam
Is “Piggy SLots’ by unity a scam

Yes. Yes. yes.

We tried them and found their many ways of completely wasting your time. Delete them. Don’t continue waiting for never arriving payouts that require more and more video advertising viewing. Believe me, you will regret not listening. You may think, but I’ve spent days watching ads and I’m scheduled for $1000 dollars?! No, your not. It will then set a timer. Ask you to watch a mandatory 200 ads (then reset to 0/200) then tell you you need to view the game app for 60 minutes… and risk the reward link disappearing etc…. many ways. We will not speak more. You’ve been fair warned.