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10 November 2023 at 9:08 am #800

A typical borrowing situation

We’re pausing the training just for a moment to think about why you would borrow regularly, such as from the bank of ma and pa, or against your income (e.g. a benefit loan), credit card(s) or overdraft.

Some people do. We do. Oh, we’ll put it on the card and put it back on payday. How much was that? $50 for some basic groceries? Oh. Or maybe… pay the car bill and pay it off over a number of payments (like that is gonna work. You are already paying a debt, remember?)

Stop the horsays.

Let’s look at a few things other people actually do to avoid what is in reality, discretionary spending.

Firstly, ‘those other people’ don’t do that. At least, not casually. They might for expensive, urgent costs such as ‘honey I blew up the car and need $1500 for anew turbo unit’ which incidentally happened to us in the last year. A huge plume of smoke causing the firebrigade to come running. Insert Homer Simpson ‘still life’ blinkey eye no other facial expression emoji…

There’s a way to turn around the small discretionary spending habit that actually strains your available family fund in no time flat. Actually, two. Chip in with other ideas here…