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21 November 2023 at 9:39 am #849

The Israel – Gaza – Hamas War

On October 7, 2023, Hamas militia rose to strike back at Israel for years of oppresion. They attacked communities close to Gaza, indiscriminantly attacking and killing the population and in reported cases, performing terrorist acts of beheadings, death by burning, grenades, bullets. Rape, humiliating acts of torture and pillaging of whole areas. Then they took over two hundred hostage. At the same time a massive surprise rocket attack, many of which landed in Israel.

October 7 was a Sabbath Day and public holiday in Israel. Pre-meditated and purposed to strike when they were least prepared. They attacked over 20 communities. Using rockets, paragliders, boats, motorcycles, other vehicles, and whatever other means they could, terrorists infiltrated the Jewish state and murdered around 1,200 innocent people, injured over 5,400, and took 239 hostages into Gaza.

Let’s just stop there a moment. Is any of that incorrect?

In depth reporting can be found on the AJC Website (American Jewish Community.)

Given many where recording on gopro cameras, yes. That is correct. If you do not believe, we can probably send you to the aforementioned Deep Web for video research. In fact, the Israel Military media teams will tell you the same thing. If you want to see pure horror, this can be found there.

This is not the first issue between the two states. In fact there is a historic timeline of events.

The military and political response from Israel was damning on the general population. This is another story. So what is the centre line on all of this. What is the reality of the whole scenario?