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26 November 2023 at 6:21 pm #876

We are in a cycle where the surreal becomes real. When our quirks become fact. When de ja vu is increasing. Like seeing an ad about unsafe waters then next moment reading about a neighbour who just drowned on a tour of a beach. Or hearing about people’s limbs being damaged in the Gaza war only to see a news item the very next day about an escapee from a cult who had no arms or legs. Or how about, hoping that a good number of people win a substantial lotto win to help their lives, when 12 people win second division in the very next draw.

A build up of psychi, instinct, dejavu, knowing is here. I doubt this is just me being in a regular ‘spookly cycle’ as I am prone to do. Hard to know exactly how to explain everything that is going on right now but keep your eyes open. Don’t try to influence anything, just be an observer. There is an air of change right now. Nothing current is guaranteed to last. But it also feels youthful and right.