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2 February 2024 at 10:54 am #997

Israel – Palestine Tension

THe foundations of what is, and what is not the current situation in the Middle East.

1.0 The Hollocaust is something entirely different. May they be granted peace.

There has been repeated reference to the Hollocaust when discussing the current events around Israel. The hollocaust itself covered a unique period of time with devastating effect on whole communities, a range of ethnicities and countries involved. The Hollocaust started in Germany in the 1930’s and persisted through the second world war. Total deaths were estimated as between 70 and 85 million people. It is unparalleled in human history other than by plague.

To compare issues of today to the hollocaust is dismissive of the staggering loss of life and inhumane treatment of peoples of that time. It is a denial of the sheer massive attrocities. ‘The Hollocaust’ refers to that period of time. Not this period of time. There are some comparitive statistics with modern warfare but they are just that, statitics that in no way should infer connection. Statistics do not tell the whole story. And statistics from one issue do not relate to another regardless of how assimilar they appear. The scales are vastly different here.

Up to two thirds of related deaths were civilians from famine, disease, aerial bombardment, and mass genocide from Persecution of the Jews, Soviet civlians and prisoners, Roma and Sinti, undesirables (criminals, the disabled, and homosexuals, among others). It developed into mass murder and ethnic cleansing across Eastern Europe, with the ultimate goal of eradicating the Jewish, Romani, and Slavic peoples.