We don’t advertise as much as we should about the good things Kiwi’s do. But this deserves attention. If you are looking around to get your website or email services hosted by a bloody good group of people who have significant genius level addons… try these people.


They are our backup now when our own web servers are out of use, on other activities. Such as the current podcast project we’re undertaking. To make sure we can concentrate on what we do best and our projects, we finally outsourced our hosting. And we’ve not looked back.

Here’s smarts for you:

  • Reliable web hosting with 100% uptime in over a year.
  • Multiple website domains with the one low group fee.
  • Automatic HTTPS/Secure services.
  • Automatic website domain renewal.
  • Easy to install and update wordpress website features, themes, plugins, forums, addons.
  • Cross-website view of wordpress installations.
  • Data backups and restores within 3 key presses.
  • When our website had a security vulnerability, they were on to it in a moment.

Really, if you’d rather work on projects it’s far easier to have yourself hosted even if for a short time. The low cost billing is automatic too, monthly and I can run four websites within the low monthly fee and associated, unlimited email account data sizes.

https://secure.myhost.nz/refer/825518 <- you will not be sorry. Thank me later!