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When online registration is temporarily disabled simply email admin @ or text Kevin 0274 501 899 with your preferred username and temporary password, (which you can change once online.)

Our holistic purpose is ‘greatest good for The People’ (Tino pai ki te iwi) Here and in the hereafter. We have chillaxed rules and hope you enjoy your time here.

Once you are on, please reply on the ‘forum’ even to say hello, so we preserve your registration for the next time we need to run a spam and inactive account removal. The spammers were naerly 7,000 and growing daily.

We’ve made changes to registration owing to older unused accounts (in the thousands) that needed removal (mostly spammers.) All removed accounst at the time was automatic based on no forum activity for the account. . When you are ready to participate, reconnect, please let us know as follows

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