Exploring the Freedom Cave ProjectSpirit of NZ Archive Project

Status: The Freedom Cave project is almost ready for gib walling. 90% of all the insulation completed.

Dive into the innovative Freedom Cave project, a transformative endeavor aimed at converting a humble home garage into a fortified sanctuary for various noble endeavors.

Discover the myriad of purposes this project serves, from preserving spiritual treasures in a meticulously curated archive to hosting enriching online sessions promoting healing, well-being, and lifelong learning.

Join us as we explore the boundless possibilities and opportunities this venture offers for personal growth, community engagement, and technological innovation.

You just need to bring your ‘likes.’ Anything else, ideas etc, is a bonus.

various endeavors:

  1. Archive Project: A stack of ancient books and scrolls, illuminated by a soft glow, symbolizing the preservation and digitization of spiritual and well-being materials.
  2. Podcasts: Microphones and headphones intertwined with audio waves, showcasing the creation of archived and live podcast sessions.
  3. WFH Activities: A laptop and a cozy home workspace, adorned with motivational quotes and supportive resources, illustrating the commitment to remote work on people-supporting activities.
  4. Healing and Well-being Services: A pair of hands offering a comforting embrace, surrounded by symbols of healing and care, representing the online services and activities focused on nurturing well-being and life skills.
  5. Spiritualist Church Activities: An ethereal depiction of a church nestled within a digital realm, symbolizing the continuation of spiritualist traditions through online platforms.
  6. Tech and Trade Sessions: Icons representing technology and trade, intertwined with virtual meeting spaces and interactive platforms, showcasing the hosting of online sessions focused on technological innovation and skill development.