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9 February 2024 at 6:39 pm #1025

Contacting Kevin.

Reach out here, or via Facebook post.

Private numbers – blocked unless prior known intended call. Most emails, numbers, messaging services and texts are also blocked with limited access. Read why here:

We do not accept blocked numbers (private call numbers) This is because of sensitive work issues where recent attempts of phone spoofing has occurred using our number (not our actual phone and not by ourselves, some random!) The call backs mostly come from private numbers. If you do need to call us using a private/blocked number, please send a text first to let us know. As the issue revolves exploitation of public, we have a file running with NZ Police.

We have also temporarily blocked most emails, texts and numbers except key services and family.

If you tried to call, text or email, sorry, please message on here or on facebook in our social media page (note, Facebook Messaging is disabled to all but direct family for the same reason. Use our forum page etc on FB.) If you know me, you know how to get in touch by those means.

The western world with all its traps and diversions doesn’t want us to concentrate on work and helping people with intended podcasting and live session programming. The gear is all here and we are anyway. But the new computer hardware has failed. We are in discussion with manufacturers for a fix but it could take weeks. It won’t stop us, just means working around issues. However possible, we will only focus on work, family and the goal of starting live services.