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31 October 2023 at 11:31 am #731

RECYCLING TIME – November to mid December 2023

    Make money with our recycling. Rates: 40% (50% for senior Members)

    Admin is currently scrapping through almost the last lot of old computers and general steel here over the month of November to early December. No one wants to service their old computers anymore so why should we hold the old gear? 8 inch drive anyone? Let’s recycle. We’re keeping minimal gear for historic tech and trade hobbies only.

    If you have tech items such as computers, notebooks, tablets, cellphones ; general metals lying around such as old roofing, guttering, aluminium railings, cans) and white ware such as microwaves, freezers, fridges, washing machines, old hot water cylinders, any other metal products… don’t pay to get them recycled… read this…

    note: we can not recycle monitors, printers, keyboards/mice or toner/ink as these have recycling costs for special dismantling you would have to meet.

    If you are in our area, we are happy to work out a credit/payment to you for your share of the recycling once payment received by the recyclers. Although we do not use these recyclers generally, they do provide an estimate of current rates, please refer:

    Scrap Metal Prices

    Steel is weighted per Kg. Computers, fridges, freezers generally go through as Shredder Feed which pays less. But, with computer tech we usually dismantle parts into steel, shredder, engines (drive/cd players/power supplies); mixed metals. Basically, so recycling is of best value for the planet and you.

    You will receive a Tax Credit Note and can be paid in cash or direct payment to your account once we are also paid.

    We cover pickup, dismantling, drop off/delivery and accounting. You just need to let us know and if it’s in our route, we’ll be there!

    Q&A – additional services

Can you save my data, recover old records or sensitive data or try to restore my system? We can try. Cost is dependent on time and materials involved (typically $20-$50/drive.) For damaged drives, where there is important data, this is a considerably more time consuming job. The minimum, whether successful or not, is $20 (charged against the recycling credit.)

Can you take cables – yes if available for collection (we do not dismantle onsite.) You don’t need to remove the plugs. They can go as is.

Can you take metal furniture – yes if available for collection as just metal (we do not dismantle onsite.) E.g. old steel shelving, tables, racks.

Can you take old metal fences or roofing – yes if available for collection (we do not dismantle onsite.)

Anything else? Ask away.