Update 1:40 PM 20 March 2023

Over 760 earthquakes in the region in the past week. 8 over magnitude 4.0 according to Geonet.

The region has had historic swarms on recent decades. But this number is getting up there historically.

17 March 2023

It’s a bloody shambles, is the common report. Swarms of jolting, repeating earthquakes this morning. Goods falling off shelves, with some claiming thousands in damaged produce.

GeoNet recorded a swarm of over 40 earthquakes up to 11 AM today, magnitude 2.5 through 4.8, around Whakatāne and Tauranga starting at 3.29am with the most recent being recorded at 9.03am at a depth of 6km.

The area is not new to earthquakes in recent months. But this swarm has residents rattled. Litterally.