Happy birthday to me. Good to be alive. Salute to all the friends. Just wanted to make a quick post to celebrate the passing of a whole decade (of shit, fun, tears and laughter.) We’ve a lot to do ahead and the outcome of that depends on will. Well, maybe a Kevin and who knows whom.

People we meet along the road become like fairweather friends. For a purpose or for a time. Not because of anything usually more that the way life treats us. We become separated. And the interesting part of that is, the older you get, the more this becomes apparent. Yes. Some pass away well before their time. Others drift to foreign lands. Some move on because of their natural interests. The deep family roots are there but they have lots of invisible lines. Fading heritage. Time isn’t how history gets lost or misreported. It’s how we represent it. The older you get, it seems, the more you are savvy to the way time and circumstance treats us. And we live holistically knowing this is the way. Moving on…

On my birthday, I keep no secrets. I will answer any question and you just have to ask. Just post me a question on the forum. Anything. No secrets, remember?

Going ahead, I intend to do some (very humble) great things and most probably remain the unknown philantrophist in doing so. Just like the invisible man. Doing great things so long as no-one knows my name. There are many in time who have done wondrous things without ever people knowing their name. Like those who innocently dropped gifts into people’s letterboxes to cheer them up. Or they returned from work to find their lawns mowed. Or house cladding washed. Or edges trimmed. That is the way. Making life wondrous. Let’s do that.

Another is to tackle some real life issues and provide a forum where all the voices can come together for solutions. The voice of humanities resolve weighted against the policies of the time. HumanGPT rising against the machine.

Oh, and yes, I intend to keep fit, take a few photo’s like the cover photo here of my travels and live for as long as I can. Why not.

I’ve always said, the more resources I had, the more I become philantrophic and want to help The People. I keep that hope but leave it to the wheel of life to do what it must.

Have a wonderful day!