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Covid-19 Discussion

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Was the General Public a Willing Participant in Covid Discrimination? Recorded youtube chat with Vejon Health / McMillan Research Steve Kirsch’s newsletter Thanks to the efforts of a courageous whistleblower, the entire world now knows, and can download, the data proving the COVID vaccines have killed over 10,000 people in New Zealand. STEVE KIRSCHDEC 2, […]

National Māori Action Day

Excerpt from Te Pāti Māori will issue a nationwide call to action in response to the new coalition government’s anti-Māori policies in a first sign of “what’s to come”, a spokesperson for the party says. “Next week, in alignment with the opening of the 54th term of parliament, we Te Pāti Māori are making […]

Tauranga through Rotorua 760+ Rolling Qu...

Update 1:40 PM 20 March 2023 Over 760 earthquakes in the region in the past week. 8 over magnitude 4.0 according to Geonet. The region has had historic swarms on recent decades. But this number is getting up there historically. 17 March 2023 It’s a bloody shambles, is the common report. Swarms of jolting, repeating […]

New Zealand in long recovery mode. It’s

25 Feb 2023 Fifty seven thousand people are in need of support. More than $28 million has already been made to 57,000 people following cyclone Gabrielle. That doesn’t count other events, tropical storms and earthquake relief. Over 3,100 people in evacuation centres, 10,000 displaced from homes. The prime minister noted 800 homes evacuated in Auckland […]

Relief Services

Auckland TAS – Temporary Accommodation Service (managed by MBIE) If your household has been affected by the severe weather events in Auckland, TAS may be able to help with accommodation. Register at Auckland Severe Weather 2023. You only need to register once per household and the matching and placement team will give you a call to […]

NZ JAN 23 Earth Change Report

NZ Climate Change

Temperatures The nationwide average temperature in January 2023 was 18.4°C. This was 1.2°C above the 1991-2020 January average from NIWA’s seven station temperature series which began in 1909, and New Zealand’s 10th-warmest January on record.  Warmer than average regional seas are expected to fuel occasional heavy rainfall. Global mean surface air temperature has increased by […]

minimum wage rises

Minimum Wage Increase

In a raft of changes to government policies, the Minimum Wage is to rise in April 2023 by a further $1.50/hour (new minimum wage to be $22.70.) The government has made a raft of policy activity changes and cuts this week. Refer news sources for full information.

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