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“Managing Costs of Living Crisis: Naviga

“Managing Costs of Living Crisis: Navigating Provider Squeeze” (in progress)

Note: WORK IN PROGRESS… Call back for updates. From A to Z, encompassing banking, economic policy, government, and service providers, these crucial pillars of your everyday life can exert immense pressure on your financial well-being. We’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of financial crises, such as technical recessions, and heard the resounding calls to address the […]

Acing STAR based interviews

Star Technique diagramme

By now, you may be aware that recruitment agencies, government entities, and corporate organizations widely employ the STAR method of interviewing. It is highly likely that you have encountered an interview heavily based on this model. After the initial excitement subsides (if any), you can take a moment to reflect on the outcome, especially if […]

Live a little

Happy birthday to me. Good to be alive. Salute to all the friends. Just wanted to make a quick post to celebrate the passing of a whole decade (of shit, fun, tears and laughter.) We’ve a lot to do ahead and the outcome of that depends on will. Well, maybe a Kevin and who knows […]

Tauranga through Rotorua 760+ Rolling Qu...

Update 1:40 PM 20 March 2023 Over 760 earthquakes in the region in the past week. 8 over magnitude 4.0 according to Geonet. The region has had historic swarms on recent decades. But this number is getting up there historically. 17 March 2023 It’s a bloody shambles, is the common report. Swarms of jolting, repeating […]

Welcome Home

A big welcome to Cavylady. Thank you for registering. In case you don’t know, Karen is a long time member and forum senior moderator. Karen is also registered here as a site Editor. She runs the Otaki Food Pantry. Welcome to our new forum. Please click Registration to join the forum community.

Vanuatu declares state of emergency

The pacific nation is feeling the impacts of several storms as a large earthquake hits Fiji. Vanuatu has declared a state of emergency so they can support recovery and assess the damage from Tropical Cyclone Judy. They then were hit with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake and a new Tropical Cyclone, Kevin is bearing down. Significant […]

New Zealand in long recovery mode. It’s

25 Feb 2023 Fifty seven thousand people are in need of support. More than $28 million has already been made to 57,000 people following cyclone Gabrielle. That doesn’t count other events, tropical storms and earthquake relief. Over 3,100 people in evacuation centres, 10,000 displaced from homes. The prime minister noted 800 homes evacuated in Auckland […]

Relief Services

Auckland TAS – Temporary Accommodation Service (managed by MBIE) If your household has been affected by the severe weather events in Auckland, TAS may be able to help with accommodation. Register at Auckland Severe Weather 2023. You only need to register once per household and the matching and placement team will give you a call to […]

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